[IronPython] Run a script without a console to pop up?

stax0711-dev at yahoo.de stax0711-dev at yahoo.de
Sun Jan 8 21:52:57 CET 2006

I'm not much the console type of guy, I try to learn and try to like the 
console, I even played with monad and watched videos about it but most 
of the time it seems I do good without a console. Is there a way to run 
a script without a console to pop up?

My other problem is there is a huge startup overhead, if I run a script 
like the one below it takes 2-3 seconds, it's the same slowness as monad 
startup, I really wish it would be < 1 second.

My last question is what things can be expected regarding code 
completion for scripting?

import sys
from System.Windows.Forms import *



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