[IronPython] Run a script without a console to pop up?

Keith J. Farmer kfarmer at thuban.org
Thu Jan 12 03:54:56 CET 2006

Hey Jim --
You have an idea about what the startup time is from the CLR itself starting up and loading System.*?


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Sent: Wed 1/11/2006 5:35 PM

I agree that the start-up time is annoying.  We have some optimization work left to do here.  If you run a static compiler on your Python code you can bring the start-up time from about 2 seconds to well under 1 second for simple programs today.  Unfortunately, right now the only ways to use it are via the alpha preview VSIP integration or by writing your own front-end that uses IronPython.Hosting.PythonCompiler directly (see example at end of this message)

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