[IronPython] Answers not added to the thread

J. Merrill jvm_cop at spamcop.net
Thu Jan 12 19:51:51 CET 2006

I'm pretty sure that the right answer depends on what software is being used to determine the threading.  Every mail (and Usenet newsgroup) message includes (in the header) a Message-Id: header.  This is the one from Detlef's original message:

Message-Id: <BCC37FF373946E48AC6E329D57EB480907E513 at dereu1nexc3.al-lighting.com>

and when you Reply to a message, your email program "should" include, in the header of your reply message, an In-Reply-To: header that refers to it:

In-Reply-To: <BCC37FF373946E48AC6E329D57EB480907E513 at dereu1nexc3.al-lighting.com>

as well as having its own Message-Id: header.  That IRT header was in Waylan's reply, and it of course has its own Message-Id:

Message-ID: <e5d795bb0601120902h16996f0crcd062b843960a481 at mail.gmail.com>

My response to Waylan's message will include

In-Reply-To: <e5d795bb0601120902h16996f0crcd062b843960a481 at mail.gmail.com>

and any reply to this message will have an In-Reply-To: with the Message-ID: of this message (I don't know what it is, as it's not created until I send it).

There are also References: headers that can list multiple other message ids, but the mechanism is a bit less obvious than the In-Reply-To: mechanism.

So, Detlef, it's possible that your email program is not producing an In-Reply-To: header when you use the program's Reply feature; that would be a bug.  It's possible that you're not using the Reply feature of your email program, but are instead starting a new message when replying -- so your email program doesn't know to include an In-Reply-To: header.  It's possible that the threading mechanism whose result you're seeing relies at least as much on References: headers as on In-Reply-To: headers, and that your email program doesn't send what's expected.

Finally, it's possible that the position / presence of the Re: is relevant, but that's a very non-robust way of doing threading.  After all, how many sets of unrelated messages have had subjects like these over time?
   Is this a bug?
   Newbie question
so that using just the subject is not going to produce accurate threading, while using In-Reply-To: (and/or References:) would not incorrectly intermingle those unrelated threads.

Good luck...

At 12:02 PM 1/12/2006, Waylan Limberg wrote
>The reply subject to this message should be:
>         Re: [IronPython] Answers not added to the thread
>but not
>        [IronPython] Re: Answers not added to the thread
>In other words, the "Re:" can only be added to the very begining of
>the subject including the  [list label] added by the list system. As
>an alternative, you could just never include "Re:" in your subject.
>Then the subject would always be the same - and that should work as
>On 1/12/06, Stute, Detlef ALRT/EEG4 <Detlef.Stute at al-lighting.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> A short non IronPython question.
>> What must be the subject line of an answer to be integrated into the message thread?
>> My answers to any questions are not added to the thread, the occur as a new independent message.
>> Mit freundlichen Grüßen/ kind regards/ Cordiali Saluti
>> Detlef Stute
>> www.seatec-gmbh.com
>Waylan Limberg
>waylan at gmail.com

J. Merrill / Analytical Software Corp

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