[IronPython] Newbie mono question (setting up lib path)

m h sesquile at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 03:00:55 CET 2006

Folks, I'm new to IronPython (and Mono!).
Following what I read in Jim's recent email, I tried copying my
python2.3 lib directory into the "Lib" directory and added "Lib" to
the sys.path in Lib/site.py.  Then I tried to import string but it
failed.  Any hints?

mharrison[1080] mono IronPythonConsole.exe
IronPython 1.0.2190 (Beta) on .NET 2.0.50727.42
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
>>> import string
Traceback (most recent call last):
ImportError: No module named string

mharrison[1045] mono --version
Mono JIT compiler version 1.1.13, (C) 2002-2005 Novell, Inc and
Contributors. www.mono-project.com
        TLS:           normal
        GC:            Included Boehm (with typed GC)
        SIGSEGV      : normal


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