[IronPython] Newbie question: can I build .NET assemblies from Python code?

Devin Ganger DevinG at 3sharp.com
Sun Jan 15 09:36:38 CET 2006

J. Merrill wrote:

> Actually, I just took a look and the RADIUS library is _not_ 
> C-based.  However, it relies on at least one Python standard 
> library that is not yet implemented in IronPython.  So you're 
> in the same situation -- the RADIUS library will work not 
> work with IronPython "as is.

This is the pyrad library, yes? Out of curiosity, which library isn't
implemented in IronPython yet?

On a theoretical level, if I *did* have all of the libraries I needed
available, would it be possible to compile a self-contained .NET
assembly out of the Python code?
> It is not difficult to write COM server apps in Python; the
> Python library that helps you do that (called win32com) is
> part of the standard Python distribution.

Hmm. That's an approach I hadn't considered.

> your C# code should be able to work with it easily, particularly
> as you'll be able to design the COM side to match what the C#
> side needs done

I see what you're saying. Check me on this: anyone who wanted to use my
project would then have to have Python installed, along with the pyrad
library, along with my Python COM server wrapper for it, yes? That's a
number of hoops to jump through and I suspect the result would be that
no one (myself included) uses this particular module (I'm trying to do
an authentication add-on for a blogging system).

Since I have to learn C# in more depth anyway, I guess I'll go with plan
A and work with some friends to create a native C# RADIUS client
implementation. In the meantime, though, I'll be keeping my eye on

Thanks for the answers!

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