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J. de Hooge info at geatec.com
Tue Jan 17 11:33:34 CET 2006



I've written quite some code in IP using Forms (from .NET 2.0)  on Windows,
but I may have to port that to Linux for a customer.

Currently I don't have a Linux machine at my disposal.

Does anyone have experience with System.Windows.Forms under Mono?

Is it compatible with Forms 2.0 under Windows?

How complete/bugfree is it. Are things like drag&drop implemented properly?
Is layout management o.k.?


In Windows I can just start a MSIL exe and it will be "interpreted" by the
.NET VM , rather than directly run on the processor.

Does it work the same on Mono, or do I first have to enter a specific

How well do Mono apps mix with "regular" Linux apps?


And (sensitive question?) how mainstream is Mono, e.g. as compared to the
Java platform?


Thanks for the trouble to be taken

Jacques de Hooge

info at geatec.com




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