[IronPython] Run a script without a console to pop up?

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Sat Jan 14 14:52:26 CET 2006

sounds great!

Thanks, stax

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The current beta 1 release of IronPython always pops up a console.  One of our pre-1.0 workitems is to add a way to launch IronPython applications without popping up a console, but we don't have that yet.  The idea is that anyone who's willing to work with a 1st beta should be willing to deal with a console popping up - but we'll fix this pretty soon.

I agree that the start-up time is annoying.  We have some optimization work left to do here.  If you run a static compiler on your Python code you can bring the start-up time from about 2 seconds to well under 1 second for simple programs today.  Unfortunately, right now the only ways to use it are via the alpha preview VSIP integration or by writing your own front-end that uses IronPython.Hosting.PythonCompiler directly (see example at end of this message)

Code completion today only works from the interactive console.  Tab will do an excellent job in that environment of providing you with options.  Doing code completion for a dynamic language in a static IDE is challenging and we're unsure what our timeframe is for support there.

Thanks - Jim

FYI - Here's the simple program I used to compile a test hello world program to confirm that this does offer a major reduction in start-up time.  Feel free to experiment with this for yourself.
	import sys
	from IronPython.Hosting import PythonCompiler

	from System.Collections.Generic import *

	sources = List[str]()

	ipc = PythonCompiler(sources, 'hello.exe')
	ipc.MainFile = 'hello.py'



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