[IronPython] TypeError: bad args to this method

Paparipote . paparipote at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 20 01:22:38 CET 2006

It worked according to your indication. Thanks!!!
The complete code is:

>>>import System
>>>import clr
>>>aso = System.Reflection.Assembly.LoadFrom("C:/Documents and 
>>>Settings/egironas/My Documents/My 
>>>from ProxyIVA import *
>>>cs = 'ASHOST= SYSNR=00 CLIENT=300 USER=TEST PASSWD=x1x1x1x1'
>>>PIVA = SAPProxy1(cs)
>>>tIVA = ZHRRESNOMTable()
>>>sts =  0
>>>res = []
>>>res = PIVA.Z_Hrpfpa00105("20051231","03005358", tIVA)
>>>for a in res[1]:
...         print a.Desc2, a.Betrg
Cred. Fiscal mes anterior 1167.54
Cred. Fiscal próximo mes 81.90

Thanks again!!

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