[IronPython] Procedure for Posting Bugs

J. Merrill jvm_cop at spamcop.net
Fri Jan 20 19:47:57 CET 2006

As someone who reads this group but doesn't look at the GDN bug tracker, I'd prefer if bug reports were posted here.  Others might have already found a workaround, or have a suggestion for one; whether others clamor for a fix might influence what gets done.

At 12:44 PM 1/20/2006, Martin Maly wrote
>Posting the bug on GotDotNet into the bug tracker is a great way to let us know. We monitor the bug tracker continuously for new issues. Another, equally valid, way is to send an email to this discussion alias. That way, the community will also become aware of the problem and we can follow-through discussing workarounds.
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>Subject: [IronPython] Procedure for Posting Bugs
>Today, while using IronPython to execute unit tests, I discovered what may be an error.
>I have submitted it using the BugTracker link on the GotDotNet.com web page; however, I'm unclear if that is how we are now posting defects.
>How are we notifying the team of apparent errors in IronPython?
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J. Merrill / Analytical Software Corp 
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