[IronPython] Using IronPython To Run Bat Files

Asim Jalis asimj at exchange.microsoft.com
Sat Jan 21 03:23:01 CET 2006


I want to use IronPython to replace some Perl scripts that we have that we run as bat files.

It's possible to embed Perl in bat files using syntax such as this:

@echo off
perl.exe -w -x %~f0 %*
goto :EOF

#! -*- perl script start -*-
print "Hello World\n";

Does IronPython support something like a -x option that automatically strips off the initial bat part of a file and then runs the rest of it as a Python script.

If there is nothing like this I can roll out my own. However, the issue I have right now is that every time I run IronPythonConsole.exe on a foo.py file, it generates foo.exe and foo.pdb. Is it possible to turn off this file generation?


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