[IronPython] IP 1.0 Beta 2 float to int conversion

Dino Viehland dinov at exchange.microsoft.com
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We have made some changes in this space but I just haven't found the change that would have affected this yet...

One thing I'm curious about - is getMaxSpliiterDistance C# code or Python code?  The reason I ask if I'm wondering if it's returning a float or a double (we represent Python float's w/ doubles, so if it came from a literal it'll be a double).


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Thanks for the new release and all the work invested!
I've just stepped up from IP 0.9.5 to IP 1.0 Beta 2, and I noticed the following:

In 0.9.5 the following runs fine, where self.widget is a Forms.SplitContainer (type: Int32 property) and the r.h.s. is a float, e.g. 100.0:

self.widget.SplitterDistance = self.state * self.getMaxSplitterDistance ()

In 1.0 Beta it will stall with the following message:

No conversion from 100 to System.Int32

Stricktly taken, the IP 1.0 is correct, but I found the auto-conversion convenient.
Has the conversion behaviour been tightened deliberately?

Kind regards

Jacques de Hooge
info at geatec.com

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