[IronPython] Fwd: Where to share a script / executables (agai n)

Jones, Larry Larry.Jones at aspentech.com
Fri Jan 27 21:24:54 CET 2006

Would posting this script in the ActiveState "recipes" area be appropriate?

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Hi, Dino!  Thank you!  I got the Beta 2, remembered (after a fumble) to copy
IronPython.dll into the directory with my source, ran IronPythonConsole
cleanPath.py, and got a perfectly working executable.  Hooray!

As for where to share it, I took a look at the GotDotNet "User Samples"
area.  I tried to post there, but under "languages", they have no checkbox
for IronPython.  I submitted this as feedback to GotDotNet, and they replied
that they plan to add IronPython as an option soon.  Another hooray!
Though, since they didn't define "soon",. I do wish I knew a place to post
in the meantime.

On 1/25/06, Dino Viehland <dinov at exchange.microsoft.com> wrote:
> I don't have an immediate answer for you on sharing scripts but our 
> next beta release (due real, real soon now) will support running the 
> generated EXEs.  If your test imports any modules written in Python 
> you'll still need to have those around and on your sys.path, but 
> otherwise this will work.

- Catherine
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