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ivan chollet ivan.chollet at lynanda.com
Sat Jan 28 14:39:11 CET 2006

Hi fellows Python scripters, 


As I had nice feedback for the IPython IDE, I'm proud to announce you that
I've put the source code on my webpage. I share it under a no-license scheme
or the sqlite-like license if you prefer.

You can find it at


Actually, I'd like to know if some people would be interested in helping me
to develop the IDE in little bit further. According to some messages on this
IronPython mailing list, a lot of people would like to have a Python
debugger, like the one in VS.NET. 

(This won't be a trivial job, and it would maybe need some coordination with
the IronPython development team. In fact I've put the emphasis on separating
the engine code and the IDE code, so that the same IDE code can be ported
across IronPython version, but I won't be able to do that if I should
program an IronPython debugger)


I think that the debugging facilities are crucial for the popularity of a
language and a development environment.


Best regards to all, 




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