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ivan chollet ivan.chollet at lynanda.com
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Clearly, Komodo and Eric are nice GUIs with decent debugging platforms.
However I doubt that any of these editors will support IronPython in any way
in the short term.
As a matter of fact, a lot of ideas should be borrowed from them to build an
open editor for the IronPython framework.

Though, I think that this task (building a debugging platform) will be more
difficult for IronPython than with simpler languages such php or Python. I
mean, IronPython is a very rich language (it integrates all the .NET
framework facilities...). 

What I can do right now is a simple debugger with breakpoints and on-the-fly
variable exploration features. Code modification while debugging should be
also quite trivial to add, given the interpreted nature of the .NET
languages. Multi-threading, remote debugging are more difficult to


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On 1/28/06, ivan chollet <ivan.chollet at lynanda.com> wrote:
> Hi fellows Python scripters,
> As I had nice feedback for the IPython IDE, I'm proud to announce you that
> I've put the source code on my webpage. I share it under a no-license
> or the sqlite-like license if you prefer.
> You can find it at
> Actually, I'd like to know if some people would be interested in helping
> to develop the IDE in little bit further. According to some messages on
> IronPython mailing list, a lot of people would like to have a Python
> debugger, like the one in VS.NET.

actually i like the active state debugger for python. never used eric though
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