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Ken Manheimer ken.manheimer at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 04:06:01 CET 2006

On 1/29/06, ivan chollet <ivan.chollet at lynanda.com> wrote:

> Clearly, Komodo and Eric are nice GUIs with decent debugging platforms.
> However I doubt that any of these editors will support IronPython in any way
> in the short term.
> As a matter of fact, a lot of ideas should be borrowed from them to build an
> open editor for the IronPython framework.
> Though, I think that this task (building a debugging platform) will be more
> difficult for IronPython than with simpler languages such php or Python. I
> mean, IronPython is a very rich language (it integrates all the .NET
> framework facilities...).
> What I can do right now is a simple debugger with breakpoints and on-the-fly
> variable exploration features. Code modification while debugging should be
> also quite trivial to add, given the interpreted nature of the .NET
> languages. Multi-threading, remote debugging are more difficult to
> implement.

that sounds like pdb, which is part of the python standard library. 
it depends on a lower-level library, bdb, which in turn depends on
some interpreter cues which i don't offhand recall.  i would aim for
ensuring those cues are implemented, and then build on pdb.

(i implemented a python debugging sensitivity for emacs, so that it
would pop up source files on the current line as you stepped through a
program using pdb.  that feature got incorporated into python-mode for
emacs, so giving a kind of screen-oriented debugger that scrolls the
program code as you proceed.  not everyone's an emacs user, but with
this addition it goes a long way towards a decent debugging

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