[IronPython] Function key F7 of Command Prompt.

Martin Maly Martin.Maly at microsoft.com
Mon Jan 30 17:58:23 CET 2006

The -X:TabCompletion command line switch intercepts all console input in order to handle Tab, F6, arrows etc. The special keys that are available by the standard windows console window won't therefore work, unfortunately.

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When a call executable ironpythonconsole<enter> I can use the USEFUL 
function key F7 which is part of the "Command prompt" and shows the list of 
commands I typed for selection (if previously I typed at least one); it then 
facilitates the use of "down arrow" key.
When a call executable ironpythonconsole -X:TabCompletion <enter> 
unfortunaltely the function key F7 does not work. Is there a way to fix it?

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