[IronPython] Simpy working under IronPython1.0beta2

Martin Maly Martin.Maly at microsoft.com
Mon Jan 30 19:45:34 CET 2006

Thanks, this is good news!

As for the "from __future__ import generators" ... 

While IronPython does recognize the statement on syntactical level, it is then the execution of the statement that fails because IronPython distribution doesn't contain the __future__.py file. In this case, IronPython needs presence of the standard Python libraries directory on its sys.path. With the following in my site.py:

import sys

I can run following script:

from __future__ import generators
print generators

without error and with output:

_Feature((2, 2, 0, 'alpha', 1), (2, 3, 0, 'final', 0), 4096)

Hope this helps

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I have the pleasure to say that a (quasi unmodified) version of simpy passed all its unit tests
running IronPython:

[SimPy-1.6.1]> ../IronPython-1.0-Beta2/IronPythonConsole.exe SimPy/testSimPy.py
Ran 53 tests in 0.781s


Here is my change list:

- commented out testPlot in MonitorTest.py, that imports Tkinter module
- commented out all #from __future__ import generators statements

(added IP bug

--> I will start to test a real application soon.

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