[IronPython] Importing embedded .py files

Dino Viehland dinov at exchange.microsoft.com
Thu Jul 6 01:02:48 CEST 2006

I think you're correct on your understanding of PEP-302, but I only looked at it this morning for the first time :)

Regarding the interfaces, we actually do a lot of this as we use interfaces internally - both for just providing reasonable functionality as well as providing fast paths rather than doing dictionary lookups.

If you look at IronPython\Runtime\Interfaces.cs you'll see that we define a bunch of interfaces, the most interesting probably being:

IDynamicObject          (implements the result of type(xyz))
ISuperDynamicObject     (implements xyz.__class__ = 'abc', as well as dictionary access)
ICustomAttributes (think override __getattribute__, but w/ setters & getting the dictionary and more)
ICodeFormattable  (__repr__)
IDescriptor             (descriptor protocol, __get__)
IDataDescriptor   (descriptor protocol, __set__, __delete__)
IPythonContainer  (__len__, __contains__)
ISequence             (__add__, __mul__, indexing, and __getslice__)
IMutableSequence  (__delitem__, __setslice__, __delslice__, and writable indexing)
IMapping                (get, indexing, __delitem__)
IRichComparable   (__gt__, __lt__, __le__, __ge__, __eq__, __ne__)
IRichEquality   (IRichComparable but w/o > and <)
IWeakReferencable (__weakref__)

These are all public APIs currently.  They're not exposed via our IronPython.Hosting namespace which is what we think of the core public API surface so there's a chance we could break you in future versions, but most of these are pretty well baked at this point that we don't expect them to change.  Unfortunately I don't think we have much more guidance on using these then that & the documentation in the file.

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PEP-302 definitely sounds like what I had in mind (but wasn't quite so eloquently able to put into writing).

Dino, et. al., please correct me if I'm wrong, but a PEP-302 based solution to the original problem would involve the installation of an object into sys.path_hooks that would return an importer item capable of loading the specified module from a resource?

Reading through the PEP sparked another random thought:  Might it be of use to IronPython developers to have .Net consumable interfaces defined for some of the more common Python protocols?  While I admit this would likely be of little functional value, it could lend a good deal of declarative value, especially when implementing objects in .Net that intended to be consumed directly by IronPython.

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I've opened a bug on CodePlex (bug 775
=775) to implement PEP-302 which seems to be the new version of ihooks (it says no one was satisfied w/ ihooks).  I've opened it as a post-1.0 bug.

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