[IronPython] Quick questions about connecting to other CLR languages

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You can pass a type object from Python directly to the function, and we'll convert it into the CLR type along the way.  Alternately you can import clr and then do clr.GetClrType(somePythonType).  For example you should be able to pass str, int, bool, etc... through and have it just work.

Generic functions are accessed from IronPython using indexers ([]) to specify the type.  So you can do:

foo.blah[int](3, 4)



and you can access generic types the same way.

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I'm writing in IP and trying to connect to code written in C# by other people

if they have a function wanting a typeof(something) argument, how can I pass that from IP?

if they have a templated function blah<t>() how will that appear in IP?
as multiple functions, or...?


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