[IronPython] IronPython (PythonCodePovider) for ASP.NET?

Will Sadkin WSadkin at Parlancecorp.com
Tue Jul 25 19:25:11 CEST 2006

Hi Dino,

Please excuse me, as I'm new to this list: I assume "we" in that 
sentence is Microsoft?

(The response provided leads to some obvious follow questions:)

- What are the concerns/issues with this approach?  Isn't this the
  intended mechanism for extending support for new stuff under ASP.NET?

- If you decide that it's "not the right way to do" it, what are the 
  alternatives for doing ASP.NET and Python, and how would they work?

- Is Microsoft actually planning a supported integration w/IP and ASP.NET?
- Can you tell us when will there be a real strategy/beta that I *can* 
  make bets on?


Dino Viehland wrote:
> We actually do have a PythonCodeProvider that can be enabled by
> setting up a web.config that points at IronPython.dll's
> PythonProvider class.  It is highly experimental and using this
> compilation mode doesn't pass our full test suite - in other words
> you might find some features work incorrectly or don't work at all.  
> We're also investigating other options to try and come up w/ the
> right model here - we're not sure this is the right way to do ASP.NET
> & Python together.  This might give you something to play with and as
> always we'd love to hear your feedback, but you probably don't want
> to make any long-term bets on it.    
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> Except for one casual mention of this back in August of last year, I
> can't find any mention of any plans for this. 
> For me, this is the "holy grail" for IronPython; I need a rapid
> webapp design and implementation framework, but ideally would like to
> use Python to drive the business logic behind it.  Can anyone on this
> list provide any information about any plans and or target dates for
> IronPython's integration into the ASP.NET framework?    
> /Will Sadkin
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