[IronPython] IronPython support In Visual Studio 2005 April VSSDK?

Lesley & Mitch Barnett mbarnett at uniserve.com
Thu Jun 1 19:23:41 CEST 2006

Here is the code in the interpreter to show Types in Types: does work or is
it a bug?


IronPython 1.0.2328 (Beta) on .NET 2.0.50727.42

Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

>>> from System.Reflection import *

>>> a = Assembly.LoadFrom("mapack.dll")

>>> Types = a.GetTypes()

>>> for Type in Types:

...   print Types










>>> Types = a.GetTypes()

>>> for Types in Types:

...   print Types












Also, when running the debugger in VS, when it gets to the break point, it
asks for the IronPython source code at:


Should I be pointing something in VS at the IronPython source code?  Or is
this a bug?







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The two files that you see is being done through partial class support which
is a language feature that both C# & VB support.  Python doesn't have such a
feature, and so we've been discussing internally ways we could do this -
unfortunately we haven't come up with the ideal solution yet.  


Ultimately we want to have a very similar experience to C# & VB, but it
certainly may not be the same.  I believe our next round of VS integration
work will enable the drop-down list for types & members.  Debugging should
work today, although you won't get the greatest display for your locals or
classes always - but you can at least step through.  I don't believe we have
any specific plans to improve debugging immediately.


You should be able to place your code anywhere in Form1.py.  The CodeDom
parser should just merge generated code in along w/ your code.  If you run
into any issues there let us know :-).


Is the issue w/ the code the one Vagmi pointed out (types in types)?  This
should work.  One suggestion would be to look in the Data property of the
exception, and find the Python version of the exception - it may contain
more meaningful information.



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Hi, using the April 2005 VSSDK, I am able fire up a new Visual Studio
PythonProject (Experimental Hive) using the Windows Application template.  I
can drag and drop UI controls from the Toolbox onto the design surface.
However, I notice the IronPython code being generated for both the designer
and the form is placed in a single file called Form1.py.  In a C# WinForm
project, the code is separated into 2 files, Form1.cs and From1.Designer.cs.


Is the plan to have IronPython fully integrated into Visual Studio in the
same way as a C# project, including drop down list for types and members in
the code editor?  What about debugger support?


I ask this as I am trying to build a simple IronPython Windows app and while
being new to the Python language I am also finding it difficult to figure
out exactly where I put my code in Form1.py cause the both the design code
and "regular" code are in one place instead of separated as in a C# project.


Finally, I cannot get some simple code to work as it throws an exception, "A
first chance exception of type IronPython.Runtime.ArgumentTypeException'
occurred in IronPython.dll.  When I set the breakpoint to step through the
code I get into disassembly and I am not good at reading IL.  Then the
program aborts with the error above.


My project is real simple, has a Windows form and a listBox control.  All I
am doing is using System.Reflection to GetTypes from a DLL and put them in a


In C# it looks like:


private void GetMyTypes()


            Assembly myAssembly =

            Type[] types = myAssembly.GetTypes();

            foreach (Type type in types)






In IronPython:



 def GetMyTypes():

     myAssembly = System.Reflection.Assembly.LoadFrom("mapack.dll")

     types = myAssembly.GetTypes()

     for types in types:



In both cases, the method is being called right after InitializeComponent()


Any ideas as to why this IronPython code won't run?


Thanks in advance,



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