[IronPython] Running applications vs. forms?

Nathan R. Ernst ernsnat at iit.edu
Sat Jun 17 22:53:10 CEST 2006

The object you pass to Application.Run should derive from Form, not
Application.  In your example below, you should eliminate the class MyApp
and pass either Form1 or Form2.




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To clarify my earlier message-

If I want to create a non-trivial application, I will have several forms and
dialogs. My(apparently broken) understanding is that I would create a class
representing the application and pass that to the Application.Run(method).
For example, the tiny app here:

import clr

from System.Windows.Forms import Form,Application

class Form1(Form):
class Form2(Form):
class MyApp(Application):
a = MyApp()            

Produces 'TypeError: cannot derive from sealed or value types'.
Alternatively, If I create a class with no inheritance, I get 'TypeError:
bad args for method'. What is the correct way to do this? 

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