[IronPython] more pythonic than python (end)

fernando moreira fclm1000 at msn.com
Wed Jun 21 15:11:40 CEST 2006

Thanks again for your kind replies.

"The biggest problem that I see in your line of thought is that many of the 
worst languages have gone down this route only to become a complete mess of 
random compiler-does-what-you-meant rules. In the end it just adds 
complexity and only helps out a few newbie's. "

For sure, i don´t want nor like  a messy language with thousands of  
features that would satisfy any randomic newbie wish. I want a compact, 
clean, robust, simple, coerent and friendly language: everything that Python 
promissed to be. Of course, such perfect language won´t 100% satisfy 
everybody, but then it will be a case of "Love it or leave it".

"...guido often asks, "what is it that you actually *need* to do?" are you 
actually struggling with a limitation that's preventing you from doing what 
your need, or is your answer, "it would just be nice", or "it's more 
pythonic". if it's just "nice" or "pythonic", he won't listen."

If  i understand well, the good developers of the language have too much 
work  to deal with changes that would fit in the fundamental principles over 
wich the language as prototyped (Zen of Python, for example) but are not 
indispensable  for make a piece of code works. I think that it is a pity 
that they are too busy.

I would like to emphasize that my first e-mail told about 2 examples of my 
own taste, but made mention about Python warts/gotchas/pitfalls described in 
some internet pages. Some of the features descibed there are already fixed 
or planned to be fixed soon. Still i feel that Pyhon 3000 won´t bring deeper 
changes as it could be. ;(

I have nio more questions.

Good luck and good work !

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