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Martin Maly Martin.Maly at microsoft.com
Thu Jun 22 18:51:44 CEST 2006

The debugger support works really well with IronPython. There are some limitations, but the basic experience is truly pleasant.

As for profilers, code coverage, the limitations likely to make experience less pleasant are our function name mangling and use of lightweight code generation which both will affect the code coverage and profiling tools experience.


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> Unfortunately all the Python code coverage tools use ``sys.settrace``
> which isn't implemented in IronPython. This (I guess) is because Python
> stack frames and code objects aren't used in IronPython.
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> Two alternative ideas.
> 1) Implement a 'cut down' version of sys.settrace which only implements
> what is possible.
> 2) Alternatively a callback hook on the C# side could be implemented, so
> that as IronPython enters a new line we could cache this information -
> and generate a report once execution has stopped.

Profilers, Debugger and Coverage tools for .NET use the
.NET Profiling API.

Has anyone tried these with IronPython?

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