[IronPython] Speed test

JoeSox joesox at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 08:39:24 CEST 2006

I finally achieved some spare time to get MIT's ConceptNet 2.1 to run
using IronPython.  I decided just to modify some of the files included
with the 2.1 distribution and copy them; placing them in another
directory to acheive execution in IronPython.  Just to get it to run
the first time, I created a custom(and not exactly functional. It is
actually an IronPython.Runtime.List type object called array)
array.py, commented out some zlib lines used by MontyLingua (doesn't
seem to effect any results from tests thus far). I ran it using
IronPythonConsole.exe beta8
So it appears it takes IronPythonConsole.exe beta8 151.478704 seconds
to load ConceptNet 2.1 and its predicate files.
It takes IDLE 60.205843 seconds to execute the same calls.
One of these days I'll have everything in a presentable manner, and
hopefully a nice little MS VS project.

Even though it's not as fast, I still believe it is a wonderful
achievement the IronPython team has done!

Loading Common Sense Component...

predicates_concise_nonkline.txt: Loaded 27000 predicates!
predicates_concise_kline.txt: Loaded 174000 predicates!
predicates_nonconcise_nonkline.txt: Loaded 348000 predicates!
-- took 151.478704 seconds. --

Performing Optimizations...

Optimised 129563 of 129563 nodes!
Loaded 342000 predicates!
predicates_nonconcise_nonkline.txt: Loaded 345000 predicates!
predicates_nonconcise_nonkline.txt: Loaded 348000 predicates! -- took
60.205843 seconds. --
Later, Joe

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