[IronPython] ironpython alternative to PyOS_ReadlineFunctionPointer

Dino Viehland dinov at exchange.microsoft.com
Wed Jun 28 20:53:27 CEST 2006

Is IronPython.Runtime.Operations.Ops.ReadLineFromSrc what you're looking for?  This allows you to read a line of input from std-in.

I'm not familiar w/ CPython's internal interfaces so I'm not sure if that's right or not...  The other option is that this is the functionality that lives in the console, and you want IConsole.ReadLine.

Currently these two are rather disconnected.

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I'm working on a python based implementation of readline (pyreadline available from http://projects.scipy.org/ipython/ipython/wiki/PyReadline/Intro). I'm experimenting with adding support for ironpython, I have been successful in porting some of the ctypes based routines used for keyboard event processing to ironpython using System.Console. It has been quite painless so far.

But to take this further I need to know the ironpython equivalent to PyOS_ReadlineFunctionPointer in cpython and how to use it. Is this functionality exposed and if not do you plan to expose it?

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Jörgen Stenarson

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