[IronPython] Python console control for WPF

Kristof Wagemans kristof.wagemans at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 16:05:49 CEST 2006

Thanks for the info about directly calling a Python method. This is
definitively going to be useful.


Maybe someone else has answers for my other questions about
FilterStackFrame, no overload with name for SetGlobal and format specifiers
for double and decimal?



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Hi Kristof,


You can call a Python method as such.


public delegate int IntIntDelegate(int arg);

engine.Execute("def IntIntMethod(a): return a * 100");

IntIntDelegate d = engine.Evaluate<IntIntDelegate>("IntIntMethod");


Console.WriteLine(d(2)); // This prints "200"



I have opened this bug
d=632> &WorkItemId=632  to track the issue with setdefaultencoding.





0-45DF-8B78-DC1B43134038>  you want to help develop Dynamic languages on


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I've been experimenting with a Python console control for WPF. The
improvements made for IronPython beta 8 make this a lot easier thanks to
several new functions on the PythonEngine: ExecuteToConsole, FormatException
and ParseInteractiveInput.


One of the things I need to do to communicate with a C# application is to
change the default encoding to receive non-ascii characters. For this I
execute several commands after the PythonEngine instance is created.


    import sys




Setting the default encoding seems like a good candidate for the options you
can pass to the engine while creating a new instance. It would also be
easier if I could get at the options through a PythonEngine instance.


I hope you're not going to remove the FilterStackFrame delegate from the
FormatException method as the comment seems to indicate. I think it's very
useful to filter my own C# application from the stack trace. Maybe you could
add an overload with just the Exception and FilterStackFrame?


To set a variable in the PythonEngine you need to use SetGlobal with a
SymbolId. Am I correct to use SymbolTable.StringToId(name) to generate a
SymbolId? It used to be easier with just a string to specify the name.


A useful enhancement for the PythonEngine might be if there was a way to
directly call a Python function loaded in the engine and pass parameters to
it and get the return value. You could also support out parameters similar
to calling a method through reflection.


If you want to specify that a number is a long you can write 10L. Is there a
way to specify that a number is a double or a decimal?

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