[IronPython] list -> Array conversion in Beta 8

Bruce Christensen t-bruch at microsoft.com
Fri Jun 30 21:11:46 CEST 2006

Implicit conversion from list to array was removed in beta 8. For more
details, see:


For an easy workaround, you can use the technique mentioned here:



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I just upgraded from Beta 7 to Beta 8 and I'm having a problem passing
runtime lists to assembly functions that expect an array.  In beta 7,
the list went through function
IronPython.Runtime.Converter.TryConvertToArray.  In beta 8, it is passed
to IronPython.Runtime.NewConverter.ConvertToArray.

Beta 7 seemed to work, Beta 8 doesn't.  Is this new behavior by design?
If so, how should I work around it?

Here is a repro:

// C# Code
Namespace mySpace {
	public class myClass {
		public static double SumArray( System.Double[] a ) {
			double sum = 0.0;
			foreach( double d in a ) {
				sum += d;
			return sum;

# Python code
L = [1.0, 2.0, 3.0]
print myClass.SumArray( L )

In beta 7 it works.
In beta 8, I get this exception trace: 

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