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Thane Plummer thane at magna-capital.com
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The C++ guys would be glad to provide you with pointers.
The Managed C++ people will give you pointers, but only safe ones.
The C# group will give you pointers, but only if they _really_ have to.
The Python group gives you pointers all the time, but you're never really
aware of it.

But seriously ...

I had the same question about 2 years ago and was able to make use of
Python.NET from Brian Lloyd at Zope.  To really answer this question you
need to identify how the scripting will be used.  Will you only make system
calls?  Will users make scripts of scripts?  Is it mainly for short-cuts
and/or macro-type functions in your program?  What data types do your users
need to create or reference?  By clearly defining the use of scripts you
narrow the field of contenders.

My short answer is that IP can probably scan the greatest spectrum of
applicability; anything from scripts that simply wrap function calls, i.e.
open an explorer window with this URL, to self-contained programs that
create windows and respond to system events.

Good luck!

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i'm trying to incorporate scripting to a windows app. i'm trying to find out

the pros and cons of Ironpython, VSA, and VSTA. can someone provide me some 
pointers when to use which?
jai hanuman 
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