[IronPython] basic questions

peter lin dingyi.lin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 04:54:51 CET 2006

I also have the same question.
Here is my situation.
The data is in MSSQL, I would like to use IP to write some scripts like rule
check , and this will
usually need data from more than two tables and more data from other table
while rule checking, I have to think this way because different customer
has different rules to check, so I will either use plugin or script language
to make the application more dynamically. I have successfully use T-SQL to
handle this issue.
If I have to deal with DB in script file, what is the best way you can
recommend me to use?


2006/3/2, Thane Plummer <thane at magna-capital.com>:
> The C++ guys would be glad to provide you with pointers.
> The Managed C++ people will give you pointers, but only safe ones.
> The C# group will give you pointers, but only if they _really_ have to.
> The Python group gives you pointers all the time, but you're never really
> aware of it.
> But seriously ...
> I had the same question about 2 years ago and was able to make use of
> Python.NET from Brian Lloyd at Zope.  To really answer this question you
> need to identify how the scripting will be used.  Will you only make
> system
> calls?  Will users make scripts of scripts?  Is it mainly for short-cuts
> and/or macro-type functions in your program?  What data types do your
> users
> need to create or reference?  By clearly defining the use of scripts you
> narrow the field of contenders.
> My short answer is that IP can probably scan the greatest spectrum of
> applicability; anything from scripts that simply wrap function calls, i.e.
> open an explorer window with this URL, to self-contained programs that
> create windows and respond to system events.
> Good luck!
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> i'm trying to incorporate scripting to a windows app. i'm trying to find
> out
> the pros and cons of Ironpython, VSA, and VSTA. can someone provide me
> some
> pointers when to use which?
> regards
> jai hanuman
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