[IronPython] Embedded - how to deal with the broad lack of __doc__ strings?

Dino Viehland dinov at exchange.microsoft.com
Thu Mar 9 00:32:09 CET 2006

What is throwing when you're trying to get __doc__ from it?  In general all methods and types should have __doc__ strings.    The methods should include all the possible overloads in the doc string.  The types currently will generally only have 'no documentation available'.

But one possibility to avoid the exception at least is:

def getDoc(obj):
        if hasattr(obj, '__doc__'):
                return getattr(obj, '__doc__')
        return None

which at least avoids the exception.

Unfortunately there isn't a really good, easy to access, alternate source for the documentation right now.

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...any prefered clean way (other than tr:except every time I look for a
__doc__ string) or alternative source of __doc__-like info when
accessing .NET assemblies?

Thanks (especially if there's a super-obvious answer)
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