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Ernst, Nathan Nathan.Ernst at citadelgroup.com
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I wouldn't give up completely on using decorators for classes.  True,
Python 2.4 doesn't support them on classes, only functions.  I think
consistency should be sought here.

After reading PEP 318 (http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0318/) a
little closer, I noticed that there *are* some examples of using
decorators on classes.  (See examples 2 and 5 at the end of the PEP).
While not included in 2.4, I could not find if it has been ruled out as
a later enhancement.

Note that there may be a potential problem using decorator syntax for
attributes.  In CPython, a decorator is merely a syntactical shortcut
for applying a function to a function definition.  It could be said
that, in IronPython, the attribute is being applied to a function.  To
me, this seems kind of confused, as the attribute descriptor now becomes
a special case descriptor for the interpreter to have to handle because
the descriptor is not being called with the function/class definition as
an argument.  Instead, the attributes must be compiled into the
generated code. 

It is probably not that large of a deal, though. (Just playing devil's
advocate here). Despite this, I still like the decorator syntax.


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I like this too...  It's interesting that while the syntax isn't exactly
the same for giving both classes & functions attributes they are both
getting that information in the same way.  I was previously worried
about the differences between classes & functions but I think this
brings it all together.



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