[IronPython] very basic question - use of iron python as asp.net - when ?

Richard Shea ironpythonlist at richardshea.fastmail.fm
Thu Mar 30 02:35:37 CEST 2006

Hi - I'm a python and 'Classic' ASP developer. I'm interested in
stopping using VBScript in the ASP/ASP.net environment and starting to
use Python (those who've used both will understand just how keenly i'm
intersted ;-).

I'm really looking some very basic information on how Iron Python is
going to plug into ASP.Net and when ? I appreciate we're heading down to
what looks like a release version of IP sometime in the foreseeable
future but it's unclear to me what that means in the context of ASP ?
I'm interested to know :

(A) is iron python expected to work within ASP.net ? 
(B) if so when ? 
(C) how would one go about using it in that context once there was a
release version ?

Interested in any links/books etc.

thank you.


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