[IronPython] very basic question - use of iron python as asp.net - when ?

Dino Viehland dinov at exchange.microsoft.com
Thu Mar 30 02:41:47 CEST 2006

There are two features that are required to support ASP.NET:  CodeDom & static type compilation.

We have a pretty good implementation of CodeDom at this point.  It is mostly sufficient for both ASP.NET's code gen purposes as well as the VS WinForms designer.  It's probably less sufficient for ASP.NET designer scenarios but there's been no real exploration in this space.

The second part is ye-old-static type compilation.  ASP.NET, after compiling code using CodeDom, expects to be able to get real types back from the assembly that was produced.  If it can't create an instance of the type it just asked CodeDom to create then its game over.

Static type compilation will most likely (as in that's when you should realistically expect it) happen in v1.1, but if things go really really smoothly throughout the rest of v1.0 then we might be able to squeeze in the required features for v1.0.

But currently ASP.NET basically just doesn't work at all.

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Hi - I'm a python and 'Classic' ASP developer. I'm interested in
stopping using VBScript in the ASP/ASP.net environment and starting to
use Python (those who've used both will understand just how keenly i'm
intersted ;-).

I'm really looking some very basic information on how Iron Python is
going to plug into ASP.Net and when ? I appreciate we're heading down to
what looks like a release version of IP sometime in the foreseeable
future but it's unclear to me what that means in the context of ASP ?
I'm interested to know :

(A) is iron python expected to work within ASP.net ?
(B) if so when ?
(C) how would one go about using it in that context once there was a
release version ?

Interested in any links/books etc.

thank you.

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