[IronPython] clr.GetString, clr.GetBytes

Sanghyeon Seo sanxiyn at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 11:19:13 CET 2006

2006/10/24, Sanghyeon Seo <sanxiyn at gmail.com>:
> 2006/10/24, Dino Viehland <dinov at exchange.microsoft.com>:
> > Or are these helper methods to go from string -> byte array and back again
> > (presumably w/ some encoding as a parameter?).
> > If that's the case I'm not sure how this differs from System.Text.Encoding.GetString / GetBytes.
> It doesn't. But which encoding? ASCII is not appropriate, since it
> doesn't convert some byte arrays.
> Let's say this way. clr.GetString would be equivalent to
> StringOps.FromByteArray already in IronPython. clr.GetBytes would be
> its reverse.

What do others think about this?

Seo Sanghyeon

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