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How are you starting VS after the installation, are you starting the experimental hive?  The way I typically start this is in  %ProgramFiles% (%ProgramFiles(x86)% if yo're on 64-bit) there's a Visual Studio 2005 SDK folder that has a year.month folder (I don't remember what v3 is off the top of my head) that has VisualStudioIntegration\Samples\IronPythonIntegration\IronPython.sln below it.  If you open this solution, hit F5 in VS, then another copy of VS opens.  It's this "inner" copy of VS which contains the IronPython integration support.

Once you've done that once you should be able to start the experimental hive of VS directly w/ IronPython support by starting the same command IronPython.sln runs when you hit F5.

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File->New Web Site was used in an example I looked at.

But I tried it your way, and File->New Project does not show anything about IronPython.

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Are you doing File->New Web Site?  I think you need to do File->New Project

Then choose IronPython->Web from the tree view and then there are options for ASP.NET Web Application.

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I installed the Visual Studio 2005 SDK "v3" on my box (win2000 server) but when I create a new web_site,
IronPython is not given as a choice under "language".
Do I have to do something else to make it work?

(yes, IronPython-1.0.1 is installed)
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