[IronPython] How to implement in C# ironpython extension?

Luis M. González luismg at gmx.net
Mon Nov 20 20:32:43 CET 2006

1) Just write your class or classes in C# and compile them as a .dll.
2) Create a "DLLs" folder into your ironpython directory (where ipy.exe is located).
3) Throw your dll into this folder.
4) from your program, simply type "import MyClass" or "from MyNamespace import MyClass".

Once you put your compiled dlls into the "DLLs" folder, the namespaces and classes defined in them are available for being imported into your programs, as if they were writen in python.
Note that this is a new feature of the latest distribution.

Hope this helps...

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  How to implement in C# ironpython extension which trully behaves as ironpython class instance?


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