[IronPython] Is any one use IronPython in your project?

Sylvain Hellegouarch sh at defuze.org
Thu Nov 23 10:18:44 CET 2006

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Sylvain Hellegouarch wrote:
>> From a Python user POV, IP is far from being good enough as it is
>> now.
> so you're saying that I'm not a Python user?  given how long I've worked full
> time with Python, that's news to me ;-)

I've been speaking French since I was little... does that give me any
authority on the language in itself? ;-)

>> IP as a language is cool but we cannot run most of our common Python
>> packages on it, making it as useful as a cherry on top of a cake. Nice
>> but not essential.
> sounds like you're confusing "Python" with "the stuff I get when I download
> the CPython 2.5 installer from python.org".  don't do that; it only muddles the
> water for people who can distinguish between a language and a given im-
> plementation of it, and scares away people who haven't used either Python
> implementation.

I don't muddle anything. But you are being harsh.
If IP was only meant for .NET developers to move to dynamic languages
such as Python then either the project is half useful or you've missed

IP has a platform will only achieve its goal if it allows Python
developers to try the .NET environment AND if .NET developers understand
that some things are much easier with the Python environment
(language+stdlib). Ultimately we will see applications written in Python
(the language) but using the best of both worlds in each case.

Funny enough what has made Python a success is also its stdlib. Given
that ElementTree is now part of that same stdlib I assume you know that
it will make it an even bigger success.

> (and what's the point running your existing Python stuff on IronPython?  don't
> you already have CPython for that purpose?  what I love with IronPython is all
> the *new* things I can do with it, and all the *new* projects I can bring Python
> into.  not that I get yet another platform to run my old crap on.)

That's stupid reasoning I'm sorry.
The all point is to be able to use the best of both worlds and you only
look at one side. You want to limit yourself fine. But don't blame me
for finding IP limited in its current context. I don't want to have to
re-write all my code because IP is not complete. Instead I'd like to
open my code to people outside the regular Python community and offer
those new comers a chance to see how code can be written in a Python spirit.

Again if .NET developers start using ElementTree they will understand
how libraries built using dynamic languages can change the way you
develop. Maybe .NET developers could have ideas on how to extend
projects such as TurboGears or Django using the .NET platform.

Considering the amount of people interested in IPCE it seems that lots
and lots of Python developers want to carry on with their own projects
by making them runnable from Python and IP at the same time. Currently
this is not possible without lots of efforts (or not at all).

> as for the standard library, I suggest spending a little time reading up on the
> DotNet libraries.  they're full of useful stuff, and surprisingly
> Pythonic in their
> design. 


- Sylvain

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