[IronPython] Is any one use IronPython in your project?

Luis M. González luismg at gmx.net
Thu Nov 23 18:19:21 CET 2006

>>>From a Python user POV, IP is far from being good enough as it is now. I
> have actually hard times understanding why it went in version 1.0 so
> fast. Don't get me wrong IP is stable and is good implementation of
> Python but it is only a milestone towards a truly useful platform.
> Basically it seems IP only implements the language itself but as we have
> seen on this list since it was released only a handful of Python modules
> can be run as-is within IP. I do hope the next milestone will focus on a
> much better support of those external packages. To achieve this goal the
> IP team will have to look at IPCE and understand what needs to be done
> first (support more of the stdlib and third-party modules).
> IP as a language is cool but we cannot run most of our common Python
> packages on it, making it as useful as a cherry on top of a cake. Nice
> but not essential. Make IP a cake in itself and you'll have a winner.
> However I have a feeling IP has been more relevant to regular .NET users
> coming from C# who wanted to keep their platform while making a step
> towards dynamic languages. That's great and I'm sure once they'll start
> they won't be able to stop, but for now I have not found IP entirely
> satisfying coming from Python itself and I hardly do anything productive
> with it (while I'd really like to).
> - Sylvain


What you say is true, but I don't think the job of the IP team is to port 
all the python libraries.
They've done an excellent job writing the whole language in C#, and some 
But there are also some users who are working hard to port many useful 
libraries too.
Do not forget that this is also a community project, where everybody can 
Look at Seo Sangyeong work for example.

Is there any library you would like to see ported to .Net?
Well, why don't you work on it? Nothing prevents you from doing it.
In fact, it's just a matter of time until every useful library is ported to 

The real value of IP is that it (will) let you use the best of both worlds, 
always using the same nice syntax we like so much.
If you are only interested in using IP libraries, I don't see the point of 
using IP.
But having all the .NET libraries available to you from IP, plus all the 
other libraries that overtime will be ported to .Net, that's just great.

I would be happy if the IP team concentrates all their efforts in just 
making IP rock solid, stable and (whenever possible), speedy.
The libraries can be writen by the community, but if the language is not 
complete, buggy or performs bad, they won't be useful at all.


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