[IronPython] Is any one use IronPython in your project?

Luis M. González luismg at gmx.net
Thu Nov 23 20:23:44 CET 2006

>> Is there any library you would like to see ported to .Net?
>> Well, why don't you work on it? Nothing prevents you from doing it.
>> In fact, it's just a matter of time until every useful library is ported
>> to .NET.
> I had started a few month ago based on Seo's work but there was so many
> things preventing me to succeed that I had to stop for the time being
> until IP would get a little more mature.
> Besides my time is as limited as anyone else and I already work on many
> projects. Does that I mean I have to shut it down?

I'm sorry if the above comment sound harsh, believe me it wasn't my 
(I'm not good at making myself clear, specially when writing in english).

What I meant is that we should separate the language from the libraries, and 
that all it takes to use python libraries with IP is that someone port them 
(I didn't mean to suggest that you take on that challenge, I just wanted to 
say that if you wanted, you could do it, but now that I read this sentence 
again, it sounds like I was challenging you...).

Also, I believe that naming the current version as 1.0 is ok.
At this point, is the language completness and stability what counts, not 
the availability of libraries (INHO).


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