[IronPython] Is any one use IronPython in your project?

Rodolfo Conde rodolfoconde at saitosoft.com
Thu Nov 23 20:51:34 CET 2006

    Yes, i use it in a project where an electronical device makes phone 
calls to a server (this is the one that uses IP) telling it a client needs a 
service...Also, i did a server prototipe that listens in an UDP port for 
vehicles to send their GPS position. the server stores those positions 
inside a BD server...


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Yes, we use it in a large C# WinForms application to build dynamic forms 
from XML definitions with inline python snipes. These snippets are executed 
at runtime and can be configured/altered by the user.


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Now ,Ironpython had release some time,but i want to konw is any one use
IronPython in your project?
As a dynamic language ,what it will bring us some advantage for
project,which the  advantage C#,VB.net couldn't have?

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