[IronPython] Is any one use IronPython in your project?

fabio.pliger fabio.pliger at siavr.it
Thu Nov 30 00:03:22 CET 2006

I use IP as scripting language in several applications. I find it's really 
great! I do agree that it would be much better having full (or at least half 
.. :)  ) compatibility with cPython or 3rd party libs, but i understand the 
point that IP team is much more focused on stability than on 
compatibility...(as a comment i still can't understand if IP can be 
considere an open source project..( Maybe in a future comunity edt we'll 
have it ;) ..
btw... great work!

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IronPython in your project?

I use IronPython in several projects.  I use it primarily for cutomizations 
and validations, or actions and events that are likely to change.  Overall, 
I find it easier to implement business rules in the python language than in 
C# or C++... Python just seems to "jive" with the way I think.

While I would certainly like greater compatibility with the many third-party 
libraries in existence, I recognize that IronPython is a separate product 
from CPython or JPython.  Compared to CPython and JPython it is also fairly 
young.  As it matures, I imagine that the most desired features will be 
implemented, but I see no reason not to use a great, functional product just 
because it is not 100% compatible with a different implementation.
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