[IronPython] Standard Python Debugging not supported

Jean-Yves MENGANT jymengant at teaser.fr
Thu Oct 5 10:44:26 CEST 2006

Complementary : Looking at the 1042 , I saw another unclear topic around the
the sys_getframe entry which is marked as not supported already throwing a
ValueError exception + 'The sys._getframe() function is not supported by
IronPython' is also written in the 'differences between IronPython and
CPython'  ; I hope that this is only on short term limitation as welll since
this api is also fundamental for Python debugger's implementation's Stack
frame analysis and is referenced inside bdb.py standard python module


Thanks for your answer below




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We have a couple of bugs opened on this on CodePlex for this issue:


563: Support
d=563>  for Code Quality Tools in IronPython missing  

1042: Implement
d=1042>  various sys module methods that currently throw a


We believe we know how to implement sys.settrace (we'd hook it at the same
place we hook our recursion checks today) but we haven't had time to get to
it yet.  Currently this is scheduled in our bug database as 1.1 feature
(although that may be subject to change) but it's good to note that we are
seeing additional demand for these APIs.  This will help us prioritize our
1.1 work better.  Hopefully we'll be able to get this in for 1.1 so it'll be
just a short term limitation.  Thanks for the input!



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I have been playing around with python debugging implementation for a while
, allthough IronPython is a great effort on Python implementation , lacking
support for  some cross platform standard libraries leeds to to serious
limitation in ironpython usage versus Cpython on short and long term.


One of the big missing is definitively the the sys.settrace standard
function used inside bdb.py and so inherited by python debugging tools on
the planet as a python standard debugging API entry point for years. 


The consequence to this is that trying to support IronPython in a python
portable debugging environment will fail(see below) .. And the only
reminding platform to make debugging happen will be the Visual Studio
environment .. Even the standard pdb.py which inherits bdb.py would not be
usable on short term then.


Providing a descent implementation of those low level sys.function as it is
already available within JPython port would definitively provide more
support of IronPython by existing python debugger's on the planet.  


Of xourse sys.settrace is part of the current sys implementation but when it
comes to get executed it's disappointing :


localDebuggee= None

JPyDbg connecting  localhost  on port  29111

JPyDbgI0001 : connected to  localhost

['Traceback (most recent call last):

', '  File "F:\\IronPython-1.0\\Lib\\bdb.py", line 361, in run


', 'NotImplementedError: sys.settrace is not yet supported by IronPython


'+++ JPy/sessionended/

deamon ended


The not yet supported by IronPython is not really an expected serious
implementation . This makes 

 VisualStudio as the only python Debugger able to support IronPython in
future : 


Question is this a strategy or just a short term limitation that will be
covered soon ?


Thanks for your support to Python language




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