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The core of IronPython is currently simply defined as IronPython.dll, therefore socket is currently part of it (as all of our modules are).  You could actually make an argument against socket being there as in CPython it's actually an external .pyd that gets loaded at runtime if you import _socket.  In IronPython 1.0 we don't have a good mechanism for loading external DLLs as built-in modules.  Other modules (e.g. re) you could make the argument should be in the core as they're in the core of CPython as well, but again, if we had a mechanism to load these on demand it wouldn't matter much where we put them.

When we ship 1.0.1 in a couple of days we're going to have some limited support for loading .NET DLLs as standard Python modules via site.py.  Eventually we'll probably come up with a better mechanism for doing this to support on-demand loading of modules.  And at some point in the future we'll probably pull nearly all of the modules out of IronPython.dll and move them into their own DLL so they're completely outside of the core.

There's still interesting questions about us accepting back changes but this should give anyone who wants it more flexibility to plug-in the pieces that they want (even if they don't come from MS).

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I recall the discussions (thanks for the links, which jogged the memory).  But how is a socket (or any other) module part of "the IronPython core"?  I would have thought that the core would be the execution engine, parser, code generator, etc -- not an arbitrary module that in many cases could be written in Python.

At 11:30 AM 9/18/2006, Martin Maly wrote
>Actually, there were some related discussions after the release of IronPython 0.7. It is archived in the list archives, starting in March 2005. Hopefully, it will answer some of your questions. Second link is Jason Matusow's blog which has some related comments too.
>ate.html http://blogs.msdn.com/jasonmatusow/archive/2005/03.aspx
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>Dino Viehland wrote:
>> Unfortunately we cannot currently accept changes back into the
>> IronPython core right now. :(
>Not at all? What are the issues?

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