[IronPython] Fwd: Where to share a script / executables (again)

J. Merrill jvm_cop at spamcop.net
Fri Oct 6 23:54:32 CEST 2006

The executable that I just downloaded is bound to an older version of the IronPython DLLs.  You need to either update the executable (by compiling with the release version) or add a cleanPath.exe.config file that tells the CLR it can use version 1.0.60816.1877 of the IronPython DLLs instead of the version (1.0.2216.22456) you built with.  (If I knew precisely how to do the latter I would do it myself <g>.)

This is low priority for me, as I can run the .py file, but perhaps it's not for the community as a whole.

At 04:55 PM 1/27/2006, Catherine Devlin wrote (in part)

>For now, I created a "User Sample" at GotDotNet containing source and .exe -
>(say THAT five times fast)
>The fact that the executable can be stored there is a definite advantage - if we can get executables circulating beyond the Python-using community, they might generate curiosity and corrupt impressionable youth.

J. Merrill / Analytical Software Corp

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