[IronPython] GetTypeFromProgID and Remoting issue

Nick Gerner ngerner at microsoft.com
Mon Oct 23 18:33:02 CEST 2006

I run into a problem similar to "Remoting is broken for well-known objects" work item id 470.

But I'm using the following pattern (to access a DCOM object):

>>>t = System.Type.GetTypeFromProgID("Namespace.MyRemoteType", "MyRemoteMachineName")
>>>obj = System.Activator.CreateInstance(t)

I tried the typedproxy helper class workaround for the above workitem issue (when using Activator.GetObject), but it doesn't solve this problem.  I get the following error when using the typedproxy workaround:

IronPython.Runtime.Exceptions.ArgumentTypeException: descriptor 'MyMethod' requires a 'MyRemoteType' object but received a 'MarshalByRefObject'

I know this works from c# (without the typed proxy workaround, of course).  Is there an alternate workaround?

I know this question is out of scope here, but, is there an alternate way to access DCOM objects (without doing a .NET publish in a process on the remote machine?

Nick Gerner

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