[IronPython] register module with an IronPython engine

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Thu Oct 26 11:42:47 CEST 2006

Dino Viehland wrote:

> You can apply the PythonModule to your assembly specifying the type
> that corresponds with the module type.  In 1.0.1 our site.py will load any
> DLLs in the "DLLs" directory and the module will be available for you to
> import.  The type that PythonModule references should be a static type
> (no instance members).

I was probably a bit unclear, but I want to inject the module from inside
the embedding application.  i.e. something like

            engine = new PythonEngine();
            engine.AddObjectAsModule("myapp", new MyAppProxy());
                 "import myapp\n" +

where MyAppProxy is some suitable object that has a "ping" method.  I
can easily do

            engine = new PythonEngine();
            engine.GlobalsAdd("myapp", new MyAppProxy());

but that only makes "myapp" available for executed code, not for other
modules, and it makes it harder to write code that can run in other con-
texts (in this case, a CPython prototype/test harness).

we've currently solved this by using a separate python module to make
the contents of the global "myapp" available as a module:

            engine = new PythonEngine();
            engine.GlobalsAdd("_myapp", new MyAppProxy());
            engine.Execute("import myapp; myapp.init(_myapp)");

            (where myapp.init copies relevant attributes to module globals)

but I would like to get rid of that extra layer, if possible.

(I'm probably missing something trivial here)

cheers /F

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