[IronPython] Traceback Objects?

Gary Stephenson garys at ihug.com.au
Tue Sep 5 06:35:33 CEST 2006

My third attempt at asking this question (as the previous two went through 
to the 'keeper) ...

Is the following considered a bug in IronPython, or am I doing something 

 import sys

 def test():
        raise Exception()
    except Exception, oErr:
        print sys.exc_info()[2]       # None in ipy, traceback object in 
        print sys.exc_traceback    #  ditto..


Regardless of the answer to the previous question, a printout of a stack 
trace does currently occur on an unhandled exception.  Other than 
redirecting stderr (which I _assume_ would work), is there an easy way of 
logging the traceback message to a file?

Apologies if I am asking unwelcome nooby questions.  Should I perhaps be 
asking on another forum, and if so, which?

thanks in advance,


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