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Hi David,

In fact, that is exactly what I have both planned and the implementation
well underway.  I had forgotten to add the Python standard library into the
repository, but your post reminded me and therefore I just added them now.


I have already added several IronPython extensions, mostly in regards to XML
and XSLT development.  I've also kept Seo's additions in sync on a regular
basis, all of which (at least all of those that I am aware of) can be found
in the Lib library linked below.


>From a Windows box you can run the above IP Console app with all of these
extensions directly available via a ClickOnce app >

While there are several other planned modules, until I finish out the
LINQ/XSLT 2.0 Extension Element demo (half way complete -- I can only spend
2 or 3 hours each day on outside projects, so things can get stalled, but I
hope to get that remedied here in the next little bit.)

What I have planned with this is to utilize Tailor to allow anyone the
ability to both access and contribute to a global Lib directory using a
local repository of personal preference.  This will allow for a simple
decentralized approach to accessing and contributing, and for those in whom
use darcs or bzr can easily share out/host their own repository and/or
collaborate directly with whomever else they might choose completely
independent of the main branch.

If anyone has interest in helping to shape how this project is implemented
please create an account on the Trac interface ("Register", right hand side
of the toolbar) @ http://dev.pypod.net/ and then let me know your chosen
username so I can add the appropriate Trac permissions, as well as check-in
permissions to the SVN repository.

Oh, and regarding getting Trac up and running via IronPython... *HUGE*
interest in this!  The only major hurdle that I believe might stand in the
way is the current svn driver implementation.  However, if a driver was
written that targeted the NSvn library (AnkhSvn project libraries >
http://ankhsvn.com/svn/finalproject/trunk/src/ ) then my guess is that there
would be very few hurdles left to get this to work.

On 9/12/06, David Fraser <davidf at sjsoft.com> wrote:
> Srepfler Srgjan wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I'm interested if the Trac issue tracking server could me made to run on
> > IronPython. I realize that the Trac people altready have an issue with
> > it http://trac.edgewall.org/ticket/667 but think it can't be done. If
> > anyone that uses IronPython and that thinks such a fork is possible
> > could they comment on the issue on the bug, or perhaps an independent
> > effort could be started in order to port the app to IronPython?
> > Thanks, congratulations on ver 1.0 and keep up the good work!
> > Srgjan
> I've been working on getting our web framework to work on IronPython
> over the last few days, and have found Seo's modules invaluable... more
> bug reports to be expected from me when I get some more time to work on
> it :-)
> I think there is some misinformation in that issue as well - I don't
> think Markup (now Genshi) depends on Python bytecode generation unless
> I'm mistaken
> Seo was mentioning possibly producing a "community edition" of
> IronPython that includes the Python standard libraries or their
> equivalents (that he has been producing) - that would certainly make
> porting most apps to IronPython much easier
> David
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