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Wed Sep 13 14:23:32 CEST 2006

"C:\Program Files\Visual Studio 2005SDK\2006.08\VisualStudioIntegration\Samples\IronPythonIntegration\WebSiteProj

Seems like here and below this tree. I see plenty of examples of IPY web including Webservice. Is there a good guide to these? I am compeletly ignorant about ASP.net / Web developement, but I would love learn how via IP.
Yes, IP is one hellauba <sharp> job,

Charlie Moad <cwmoad at gmail.com> wrote: On 9/13/06, Sanghyeon Seo  wrote:
> What is the expected timeline for support for .NET attributes in IronPython?

I know this has probably been brought up before, but I wanted to speak
up to maybe put a little more priority behind this.  I personally feel
limited many times because there isn't attribute support in IP.  To my
knowledge I can't do relatively simple things like asp.net web
services.  Also fine grained xml serialization doesn't seem doable as
well.  If I am wrong, please Please correct me!  It could be the fact
that most XML related functionality in .Net relies heavily on
attributes, but they seem prevalent everywhere.

Keep up the great work,

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